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Recommended car batch assessment site

Domestic cars, which are very popular all over the world due to their reasonable price and good performance, seem to be offered higher prices than expected when using the car bulk assessment site. Here, we would like to introduce a recommended car lump sum assessment site for selling domestic cars.

Collective assessment of domestic cars


Car sensor

  1. Operated by a well-known company Recruit
  2. Quotes from up to 30 companies
  3. Free assessment request OK by entering 10 items


Car sensor, which is operated by a major company recruiting company that is also famous for dispatching and job advertisements. You can request a batch assessment by simply entering 10 items, and the number of companies that can be quoted with one request is very large, up to 30 companies. Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. is a member of the Japan Automobile Purchasing Association (JPUC).



  1. Achievements with a cumulative total of over 2 million users
  2. No. 1 in customer satisfaction category, etc.
  3. Quick diagnosis with 32 seconds input


It covers everything from major companies to community-based car purchasing companies, and can be said to be a "system that can reach itchy places." !! It seems that there are many repeaters, and customer satisfaction is also ranked first. We carefully select the best car purchaser for you from more than 200 companies nationwide, and introduce up to 10 companies.



  1. Achievements that won the top in 3 categories
  2. Can be quoted from up to 10 companies
  3. Partnership with more than 200 companies nationwide


A car assessment comparison com that allows you to get a free quote for up to 10 companies from 288 affiliated car purchasers nationwide (as of April 1, 2020). According to a survey by the Japan Marketing Research Organization (January 2020 survey), it won the top spot in three categories: "customer satisfaction," "expensive purchase," and "reliable and secure comparison site."



  1. Unique auction format
  2. Rest assured that personal information will not be leaked to the vendor
  3. Sale fee 0 yen


Euker pack that allows you to request a free assessment from the input form on the site or by phone. After the assessment, the information will be disclosed to more than 5,000 affiliated purchasers nationwide, and purchase offers and bids will start. At that time, personal information is not leaked, so there is no need to worry about sales. The point is that no commission is charged even when the seller is decided.

楽天 無料愛車一括査定

楽天 無料愛車一括査定

  1. You can consider the best sale timing by notifying the purchase price
  2. Can be quoted from up to 10 companies
  3. Rakuten Super Points will be presented when the purchase is completed


Rakuten Free Car Bulk Assessment (Rakuten Car) allows you to request free quotes from up to 10 companies from more than 100 partner companies nationwide with a simple 90-second assessment. If you are thinking of selling your car in the future instead of now, you can also receive a car purchase price notification email and consider the best time to sell your car. In addition, Rakuten Super Points will be awarded 5 points for the batch assessment application, and 1,500 points will be awarded after the contract is concluded (purchase is completed). Rakuten, Inc. is a member of the Japan Automobile Purchasing Association (JPUC).



  1. Over 4.5 million users
  2. Can be quoted from up to 8 companies
  3. Easy assessment in 45 seconds


Carview's car purchase assessment, which has been used by more than 4.5 million people since the service started in 2000. Simply enter the car make, model, year and mileage to get quotes for up to 8 of the more than 230 affiliated companies. Carview Corporation is a member of the Japan Automobile Purchasing Association (JPUC).

Collective assessment of foreign cars

Foreign cars are not so expensive in some cases due to lack of assessment know-how for ordinary purchasers. It is a good idea to use a collective assessment site specializing in foreign cars (imported cars) so that you can buy them at a high price.



  1. Evaluation criteria unique to imported car specialty stores
  2. Annual assessment number of 15,000 or more
  3. Shortest same day purchase


A foreign car king who boasts more than 15,000 assessments annually. Utilizing the know-how unique to imported car specialty stores, we will determine the sale price after evaluating the specifications and equipment in detail. Business trip assessment and purchase are possible in the shortest same day. It is a member of the Japan Automobile Purchasing Association (JPUC), and it is clearly stated on the official website that there are no double assessments or cancellation fees.



  1. Purchase request record 10,000 units
  2. Same day purchase & immediate cash payment
  3. Business trip assessment is available nationwide


Imported car com that boasts a track record of purchasing over 10,000 units. In addition to the site, we also accept applications over the phone and LINE, and carry out business trip assessments nationwide. It is also possible to purchase on the same day at the earliest, and it is also a big feature that it supports prompt cash payment. As a member of the Japan Automobile Assessment Association (JAAI), there is a sense of security.

Collective assessment of accident vehicles

Many people may think that a car that has stopped working after many years of use or an accident is "repairing seems to be very expensive" and "there is no choice but to pay for it and scrap it." However, in reality, it may sell at a high price. Some of the car valuation sites specialize in scrapped cars and accident cars, so here are some recommended sites.



  1. You can apply for a car refused by another company
  2. Free of charge for scrapped cars anywhere in the country
  3. You can receive a refund


In addition to the collection fee, the tow truck fee, dismantling fee, procedure agency fee, etc. can all be used free of charge. You can apply for a car refused by another company, and you can pick it up the next day at the earliest anywhere in the country. In addition to the assessed amount of automobiles, you can also receive refunds such as automobile tax, weight tax and automobile liability insurance.



  1. Guarantee of purchase of 0 yen or more
  2. All scrap car costs are free
  3. Also supports the purchase of commercial and diesel vehicles


Carnext is free of charge for scrapped cars such as tow trucks and document agency. We guarantee the purchase for 0 yen or more, so you don't have to worry about it costing you to dispose of scrapped cars. Pick-up is available nationwide except for some remote islands. One of the features is that we purchase not only ordinary cars but also Diesel.



  1. More than 230 affiliated stores
  2. Cars that have stopped working are also OK
  3. Usage record of more than 4.5 million people


Purchase of Carview accident cars with more than 230 affiliated dealers nationwide. You can apply not only for accident cars but also for cars that have stopped working due to a disaster. Carview, which started the first car valuation service in Japan, is the operator and has a track record of use by more than 4.5 million people. Carview Corporation is a member of the Japan Automobile Purchasing Association (JPUC).

Bulk assessment of trucks

It is not only ordinary cars that can use the car bulk assessment site. We would like to introduce a recommended vehicle bulk assessment site for those who are considering disposing of trucks, heavy machinery, buses, etc.



  1. Can be assessed from carefully selected vendors
  2. Will also refuse
  3. You can apply online


A truck lump sum assessment king who can apply for assessment of trucks, buses, and heavy machinery. Not only can you apply online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but you can also make a phone call. It is possible to assess 5 companies carefully selected independently at the same time. You can also receive a service that will refuse to other companies when the seller is decided.



  1. Same day cash purchase OK
  2. Supports LINE assessment
  3. Vehicles can be used even during posting


The truck kingdom that supports LINE assessment as well as the net. We have a track record of speedy contracts of as little as 3 days, and if you are in a hurry, we also support cash purchases on the same day. The posting consignment fee is completely free, and you can use the vehicle while posting.

The used car market is expanding

Grounds for expanding the used car market

Market size of used car distribution
USA United Kingdom Japan
About 33 trillion yen About 7 trillion yen About 2.2 trillion yen

The size of the used car distribution market in Japan is approximately 2.2 trillion yen. In comparison, the United States is about 33 trillion yen and the United Kingdom is about 7 trillion yen.
In other words, the size of the used car market in Japan is less than 10% in the United States and less than 30% in the United Kingdom, so it can be said that there is ample room for growth.

Efforts necessary to develop traceability services


Exports of used cars also reached a record high

The automobile aftermarket has grown steadily over the last few years. In addition, the number of used cars exported in 2018 reached a record high of 1.327 million units.
Therefore, it can be said that the size of the used car market is also expanding, as far as we can read from the data.



What is a collective assessment site in the first place?

Consumers are beginning to notice the high cost performance of used cars. In order to guide these movements in a healthy direction, it is important to optimize the value of used cars.
In other words, proper calculation of used car valuations is extremely important for the sound growth of the market.

Under these circumstances, the so-called "bulk assessment site for cars" introduced at the top of the page plays a major role. This is because the collective assessment site makes it easier to assess from multiple vendors, and the market principle inevitably works.

What is a car assessment site?

Many people may be worried, "I have a car I want to dispose of, but is there a way to get it bought as high as possible?"

In such a case, it is recommended to use the car bulk assessment site. There is also a car valuation site that handles not only domestic and foreign cars, but also scrapped cars, accident cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, etc., so be sure to check it out.

In order to make good use of the car bulk assessment site, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages and common troubles in advance. Below, we will explain the details of the car bulk assessment site.

Advantages and disadvantages of the car bulk assessment site

A car valuation site is a "site where various purchasers can valuate the cars you want to sell at once". The car bulk assessment site not only saves you the trouble of contacting many purchase shops, but also has the advantage for those who want to sell their cars at a high price. First of all, let's check the advantages and disadvantages of the car bulk assessment site.

Benefits: Free choice of high-selling vendors

Easy to be assessed by multiple purchasers

When using the car bulk assessment site, first enter the information of the car you want to sell and personal information such as mileage and car model. The information you enter will be sent to multiple affiliated buyers on the site and will start the assessment immediately. Since you can save the trouble of entering information on each vendor's homepage, you can have them assessed efficiently.

Find a high-priced purchaser from multiple purchasers

If you use the car bulk assessment site, multiple affiliated purchasers will give you a quote, so you can easily find a high-priced purchaser from among them, which is a big attraction of the car bulk assessment site.

Higher valuation can be expected due to price competition

When you use the car valuation site, price competition occurs because the affiliated purchaser is aware of the valuation amount of other purchasers. Therefore, it is difficult for the valuation amount to fall below the market price, and it is also a point that there is a high possibility that expensive purchases will be realized.

Car bulk assessment site can be used "completely free"

Although it is a very convenient "car valuation site" like this, the usage fee is basically "completely free". Car sellers can use services to sell cars efficiently and at a high price without spending extra money.

Disadvantages: Large number of calls, etc.

Need to respond to phone calls from vendors

The number of affiliated companies varies depending on the car bulk assessment site, but you may be worried that many companies will call you. However, on many car bulk assessment sites, you can select "Call back by email" when requesting an assessment, and if you write that in the remarks column, you will be contacted by email, reducing the hassle of telephone calls. It has been.

In some cases, it may be necessary to conduct a telephone hearing to confirm details, but it may lead to speedy sales and high-value assessments, so it is advisable to respond within a reasonable range.

Need to respond to vendor visits

If you ask a candidate vendor for a visit assessment, you need to respond, so you need to adjust the schedule.

Compare the difference between "purchase", "trade-in" and "lump-sum assessment"

There are two main ways to sell a car: "purchase" and "trade-in". Which one can sell the car more expensively? Here, let's compare the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of purchase and trade-in.

Purchase features

Buying a car is a way to sell a car as assessed by the purchaser.
The advantage of purchasing is that you can have multiple purchasers issue assessments and the one with the highest price to buy.
On the other hand, the disadvantage of purchasing is that it may take some time to get an assessment because it is basically necessary to keep in touch with each vendor.

Trade-in features

Car trade-in is a method of selling the car you are currently riding to a car dealer when you buy a new car.
The advantage of trading in a car is that it is easy to dispose of the car and that the amount of the trade-in can be used to purchase a new car.
The disadvantage is that there are cases where the manufacturers and models that can be traded in are limited. Another disadvantage is that the assessed amount tends to be lower than the purchase.

Features of batch assessment

If you want to sell a car at a high price, we recommend buying it rather than trading it in. In the case of purchase, price competition will occur between the vendors, so it can be expected that the valuation will be higher than the market price. However, in order to do so, it is necessary to efficiently ask multiple vendors for assessment, and in such cases, the car bulk assessment site is useful. You can get valuations from multiple vendors, so you can sell to the one with the highest valuation. If you want to sell your car at a high price, you should consider purchasing it using the car bulk assessment site.

Flow of using the car bulk assessment site

You can complete the car bulk assessment site in the following 5 steps until you sell your car.

Visit the site and enter the required information

Go to the Car Bulk Assessment site and enter the information required to assess your car. Please enter all necessary information such as the manufacturer of the car you are considering selling, car name, car type, accident history, personal information such as name and address, and request (apply) for assessment. Some sites accept requests over the phone or LINE.

Contact from the vendor and determination of the assessment date

The information entered on the car bulk assessment site and the assessment request will be sent to the affiliated companies on the site and will be contacted immediately. Please decide the assessment date for each vendor. It is possible to call multiple vendors at the same date and time, but in that case it is better to explain to each vendor in advance.

End of assessment / decision of seller to sell

When the assessment is complete, the purchase price will be presented. Let's decide the seller to sell by comparing the purchase price and services offered by multiple vendors.


After deciding the seller to sell, move on to the contract. It is important to check the contents carefully when making a contract. In addition, there are necessary documents such as vehicle verification, automobile liability insurance certificate, seal registration certificate, so check with the vendor and prepare.

Delivery / payment of vehicle

When all the above is completed, the vehicle will be handed over and then the payment will be made. Make sure the amount is correct.

Common troubles and precautions when using the car bulk assessment site

If you know the troubles and precautions that may occur when using the car bulk assessment site, you can make good use of it. Below, we will introduce some common problems and precautions.

Get a lot of business calls

If you use the car valuation site, you may receive business calls from many purchasers asking you to sell your car. If you say "the sale destination has been decided", you will not receive a phone call anymore, but you can reduce it by sending the contact information by e-mail just in case and taking measures such as removing the busy season of the purchaser.

Reduced after assessment

Even though the contract is based on the purchase price, there are some vendors who contact us saying, "If you look closely later, you will find an inconvenience, so we will reduce the purchase price." This is also called "reassessment", but it is prohibited by the Japan Automobile Purchasing Association (JPUC). Therefore, it can be said that whether or not a contractor who is a member of an organization such as JPUC is registered is one of the guidelines for a collective assessment site that can be used with peace of mind.

Cancellation will result in cancellation fee

In some cases, "I wanted to rely on this vendor at first, but I still want to sell it to another vendor." It seems that some vendors charge a cancellation fee for cancellation. Therefore, before making a contract, make sure to check "If you cancel, you will be charged a cancellation fee." Such cancellation penalties are also prohibited by the Japan Automobile Purchasing Association (JPUC). Choosing a subscriber to an organization such as JPUC is one of the best ways to avoid trouble.


There are mainly "purchase" and "trade-in" methods for selling a car, but purchasing is more expensive and easier to sell. In particular, if you use the car bulk assessment site, you can expect the price to be higher than the market price because multiple vendors compete for price.

If you use the car valuation site, you can reduce the hassle of dealing with individual vendors, and if you don't like the amount, you can decline it.

All of the car valuation sites introduced here can be used "completely free", so feel free to use them. I want to use it well so that I know how much my car will sell. For a more appropriate and detailed assessment, we recommend choosing a car bulk assessment site that specializes in the type of car you want to sell.

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